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RHB embarking on digital partnership with i.Destinasi Sdn Bhd (IDSB)

KUALA LUMPUR – The advent of the fourth industrial revolution brings about digital partnerships from all corners of the financial, commercial and industrial hubs around the world. One notable digital partnership is the active collaboration of RHB Bank with IDSB in the creation of a digital ecosystem – an online financial service platform that takes the form of a digital website, aimed at capitalising on new opportunities for RHB Personal Financing-i, specifically for capturing leads as a strategic option for driving business growth in the civil sector.

While this digital platform has been conceived exclusively for promoting RHB’s Personal Financing-i to the civil sector, the objectives of its inception revolved around two reasons – that of reducing the risks of exposure of an unauthorised agency; and of using the platform to highlight its authenticity to the market. By all accounts, this invariably translates to confidence for those in the civil sector to drop leads while creating resultant awareness amongst those in the Government sector.

This online financial service does provide a seamless experience for RHB Personal Financing-i application where the financing amount ranges from RM2,000 to RM200,000 and tenure spans up ten years. As an unsecured Shariah-compliant financing facility based on the Commodity Murabahah via Tawarrug concept, RHB Personal Financing-i is offered to Federal, State Government and selected Government-linked Corporation employees –providing financial solutions and debt consolidation with convenient monthly payment via salary deduction.

There are special features differentiating this digital website. Besides being a proprietary platform for RHB, it also aspires to provide a seamless experience for RHB Personal Financing-i application where leads go straight to RHB Bank via this digital platform for bank officers to follow up. It is also an interactive platform and all online applications are secure.

Let it be known that the benefits are astounding. Without service fee, this product offers highest payout ratio which invariably means highest cash in hands upon disbursement. In addition to that, it is usually among the lowest of annual flat profit rates in the market, which effectively allows customers to service single and low monthly commitment when they perform debt consolidation with RHB. It also must be noted that there is absolutely no processing fee charged to the customer and best of all, no guarantor is required for the application of this financing facility.

Customers may now visit this digital website at

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